How much is it for an estimate for lawn care or landscaping?

All first time estimates are FREE! There will be a small charge if someone repeatedly requests for the same exact estimate every year.

What if I need my grass cut today?

Our procedure is to first send out the estimator who can leave the estimate at your house (we can also email, mail, or fax it to you) then we would need the signed proposal mailed to us (or given to the foreman at the time of mowing) with the down payment for the first mowing to begin services.

My grass is really tall, will this be a problem?

Not at all, the first mowing will be more depending on how high the grass is then all following mows will be at the regular price. Considering that the owner has not called off multiple mows in a row.

What if I would like a single mow?

We do not offer a one time mowing service because it would interfere with the regular lawn maintenance schedule.Is the contract for lawn care binding for a certain period of time?The contract does not state the duration of the time rather it states that Utermark’s reserves the right to be paid for the services it renders.

Do you offer services for condos, subdivisions, and apartment complexes?

Yes, we offer commercial services. We can set up yearlong contracts that can include all of our services from lawn care to snow removal. Or only include the services the customer desires.